About SAGA1

SAGA1 is one of the best-quality industrial wireless remote controls in the world! It focuses on manufacturing top-level industrial wireless remote controls and is widely used in various fields such as various crane equipment, mini cranes, cranes, construction industries, and tailgate vehicles. .

Professional factory after-sales service

PENG WARNING CO., LTD. is a premium authorized distributor of the original manufacturer. We take responsibility for after-sales service for every product sold and have over 200 professional technicians from the original manufacturer to handle the after-sales service.

100% Made in Taiwan

PENG WARNING CO., LTD. directly offers the latest SAGA1 products from the original manufacturer in Taiwan, ensuring they are not counterfeit products from China or refurbished second-hand machines.

Customized remote control

Mr. Wang, the head of PENG WARNING CO., LTD., has over 35 years of industry experience and can modify customized remote controls according to customer needs, making your products more competitive.


PENG WARNING CO., LTD. was founded in Tainan, Taiwan in 1995 and is the Taiwan distributor for the SAGA. SAGA is a globally renowned industrial wireless remote control, which has been sold to 120 countries worldwide and has received high praise from users.

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Industrial wireless remote controllers allow for more unrestricted control of various industrial equipment without the risk of tripping over or getting tangled in wires. They enable workers to operate industrial equipment from safe areas, significantly enhancing overall work efficiency.

Lifting Industry (Crane)

Bridge Crane / Jib Crane / Gantry Crane

Construction Industry

Tower cranes/Concrete mixing pumps

Industrial Logistics And Automation

PLC / Relay Control / Industrial Doors


Woodworking Machinery / Irrigation Systems

Hydraulic Systems

Truck-mounted Crane / Valves / Hydraulic Lifting Equipment / Trailers


Trailer / Tailgate Lifting System / Winch

We offer original SAGA series products.

PENG WARNING CO., LTD. provides SAGA's original products in Taiwan. SAGA has three series: K Series, L Series, and V Series, which can meet the needs of various industrial fields.

Our Clients

With 35 years of industry experience, PENG WARNING CO., LTD. has served over 10,000 corporate partners throughout Taiwan, continuously providing top-quality crane remote controllers to leading companies in various fields.

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SAGA Taiwan Authorized Distributor


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