• 6 function keys + 2 start keys + 1 stop key

  • Receiver power supply: 10~42 VDC


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SAGA1-V6 Industrial Wireless Remote Control (6 function keys)


“A revolutionary industrial remote control, small and light, easy to operate, efficient, safe and easy to use”


Product’s Feature:

  • SAGA1-V6 industrial wireless remote control is specially designed as a wireless remote control for vehicles and other mobile equipment, such as vehicle winches for trucks, trailers, hydraulic equipment, etc. It is also suitable for control systems such as gate control and fences.
  • Smart Radio Communication Technology: Advanced radio communication technology, users can monitor the working status between the transmitter and receiver at any time
  • Fully automatic frequency hopping Auto Channel Selection (ACS): Quickly find the appropriate channel according to the site conditions, and achieve a near-uninterrupted operating environment
  • Password boot: Can set security password lock, can effectively control the authority of the operator
  • Wireless remote pairing: The raw data in the machine can be transferred wirelessly and transferred to another new transmitter in just a few steps.
  • Button function modification: The transmitter button can be customized to modify the button function or frequency through computer software according to different needs
  • Receiver button panel (upgrade to SAGA1-V6 plus): The button panel is provided on the receiver to prevent the transmitter from being broken or lost and other special circumstances
  • Normally Open/Normally Closed (NC/NO) Relays: The receiver relays are all NC/NO relays, which can meet the needs of all equipment and applications
  • Waterproof/dustproof level: Transmitter: IP 67 rating (dustproof and water immersion 1m); Receiver: IP 66 rating (dustproof and high pressure water spray)
  • Pre-wired output cables: Pre-wired cables make wiring installation easier, faster and simpler


Technical Specifications:

  • 6 function keys + 2 start keys + 1 stop key
  • Frequency band: 868 MHz / 915 MHz (frequency may vary by region)
  • Number of relays: 8 functional relays + 1 total stop relay
  • Relays: Normally open/normally closed (NC/NO) relays, loads up to 20 A (amperes)
  • Low power consumption, using only two AA batteries, can be used for about 3 months
  • Receiver power supply: 10~42 VDC
  • Transmitter response time: <0.1 seconds
  • Antenna: built-in antenna
  • LED power indicator: Three-segment mains voltage display
  • Remote control distance: about 100 meters
  • Operating temperature: -45°C ~ +80°C
  • Shell structure: glass fiber + nylon



  • size: 112 x 62 x 39 mm
  • Weight: about 135 g (without battery)
  • Power supply: two AA batteries, alkaline/rechargeable batteries can be used



  • Dimensions: 130 x 146 x 64 mm
  • Weight: about 490 g (without button panel)
  • Power supply: 10~42 VDC


SAGA1-V6 , SAGA1-V6 plus

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 saga1 download


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